Wall of Honor

Veteran’s Heart Georgia honors all veterans, living and deceased, for their sacrifices and service to our country. We invite all members of our community- spouses, parents, children, siblings, relatives, friends, and neighbors- to honor your family members and those who have served in any branch of the military for any length of time, by enrolling them in our Wall of Honor.

This Wall of Honor is the initiative of two of our VHG members: a friend of a veteran, and a mother of an active duty soldier/daughter of a veteran. They and we ask you to reflect on all those whom you know whose service has touched your heart, and to select one or more of them to place on our Wall of Honor in recognition of their sacrifice.

Our Wall of Honor is maintained on our Veteran’s Heart Georgia website by one of our veteran members. We enroll each veteran by name, branch of service, rank, unit affiliation, dates served (if known), and form of service (Active Duty, Reserves, Guard). Our Wall has two categories, one for Deceased Veterans and one for Living Veterans.

Completion of an Enrollment Form, either online or by mail (coming soon) is required to enroll each veteran’s name and information. We ask for a donation of any amount for each veteran enrolled, which will be used to support and maintain this website and other VHG programs.

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