You are not who you were before going to war…but
you are not sick, flawed, broken or in need of fixing.
You are expereincing a natural, but painful outcome of having been at war.

This is an invitation to begin the process of changing from “a vet with PTS or PTSD”, and move towards being a person who is engaged in healing  the wounds of war.

If a veteran makes the difficult inner pilgrimage to discover the sources of the suffering,  works hard to give meaning to the wounding, and finds ways to reconcile and forgive, then healing is possible. -Edward Tick

The work of Veteran’s Heart Georgia is to assure that the role and process of warriorhood is understood and honored by citizens, warriors, and their families and loved ones.

For veterans who are women:

We are very aware of your special needs.  We are continuing to develop outreach and programs specifically designed to address your unique experiences. What if we had a Retreat just for women veterans? Let us know if this appeals to you.

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