Weeping and waiting

Welcoming and worrying

You are not only spouses and parents, the “officially recognized” family, you are also the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as the girlfriends and boyfriends and fiances of those who have gone to fight war.

You sent them to war and wept, and waited. You welcomed them home and then began to worry that something was not quite right. And you tried everything you knew to do to fix it. Sometimes that was enough. Sometimes, not. They are forever changed because of their experience in war–whether it has been fighting in combat or not.

Families can be ripped apart during war and afterward, and affected for many generations. War deaths, catastrophic wounds, separation and divorce wreak havoc and chaos on society.

There is a distinct part and place for each of you in the life of the returning/returned Vet.  And there is a unique place for you in the life of your community and your nation.

During the next few months and years we at Veteran’s Heart Georgia will be sharing with you what we have learned, what we know, and what we want to do to insure that you are supported before, during and after deployment of your loved one.

And it doesn’t matter how many years have gone by since the return from deployment.  This is about veterans and families from all wars, even generations ago.


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