Virtually every single person in our society has been affected by war. Almost everyone has a personal story or a family member who has been changed by war. We all live with the legacy of war’s trauma, and we are affected by war in ways most of us are not even conscious of.

-Andy Himes, producer, Voices in Wartime


Veteran’s Heart Georgia fosters the healing of veterans of all wars by attending to the spiritual and emotional needs of veterans, their families and our communities.


We honor and support our service members, veterans and their families by addressing the effects of war through community-based services, resources and education.

This includes:

  1. consultation with specially trained counselors, clergy and mental health clinicians for service members, veterans and families;
  2. workshops and programs for service members, veterans, couples and families, community gatherings and training for professionals;
  3. outreach and mentoring by trained, seasoned veterans;
  4. community education and involvement.

We believe that:

  • There is healing for the invisible wounds of war-related PTS and PTSD*
  • The core work is the nurturing of a positive warrior identity
  • The suffering of families must be addressed, including the unaddressed wounds of war passed down through generations of families that have experienced war.
  • The citizens of our communities, those who are protected and guarded, must share the burden of the wounds of those who have gone to war.


This work is influenced by concepts found in the book, War and the Soul, by Edward Tick.

Newly Released!  Edward Tick’s new book, Warrior’s Return:  Restoring the Soul After War, was just released.  You can purchase from Amazon using the link below.

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